Past Events

Canning Workshop

Former resident and Environmental Studies graduate student Stephanie came over to the FLAT for a canning workshop on Tuesday night. Everyone left with a jar of vegetables and the valuable life-long skill of canning experience. Check it out:


This year’s bbq brought a diverse crowd to the UM FLAT.  Residents and friends were joined by a group of college students and recent grads cycling across the U.S. to visit different co-ops nationwide, and a group of Southeast Asian students who were a few days into their summer-long trip to the U.S. to study global environmental issues through the University of Montana’s Mansfield Center.  We wrapped up with a “Supernova” and sparklers at the Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlor.


One highlight of the AERO Energy Workshop was a home audit demonstration by Energetechs. They set up a blower door in our front door that pulled all the air out of the house. This way we could sense where air leaks were coming into the house. It was actually quite easy to sense a leak. By putting our hand over a light switch cover or sticking our nose in a doorway we could feel air leaks. Walking into the basement a huge wind tunnel could be felt, telling us that the majority of our air leaking was happening in the basement. Our list of projects continued to grow as the Energetechs experts walked through the house. While the blower door was running an Infrared camera was also used to see if any hot air coming in could be sensed.


Andy with Energetechs demonstrates the blower door that pulls air out of the house so we can check for leaks.


Investigating the basement, a huge source of air leakage.

ImageWorkshop participants during the energy audit.

ImageUsing Google SketchUp Energetechs was also able to show us the advantages of passive solar on the UM FLAT’s Studio Space. Using SketchUp Andy used the angle of the sun during the summer to show the advantages of adding eaves to the roof of the structure. The eaves allow less sun to enter the building (compared to the picture below without eaves) keeping the building cooler during the summer months.


Image This SketchUp uses the angle of the sun during the winter months to show that the eaves of the house still allow sunlight in, in the winter months, which help to heat the building when most needed. Using passive solar design we can help save on energy costs and resources.


In early June, we partnered with HomeWord, an organization dedicating to providing everyone with safe, sustainable, and healthy housing, to showcase our energy-savings projects.  More than one hundred people had the chance to check it out!


These events include a zen workshop, poetry reading (and pinata!), graduation bbq,  several theses defenses, and a make-your-own green cleaner workshop–among others captured below!


This is our largest event of the year, held annually to kick off the spring bbq season, celebrate earth day, show off our most recent projects, and raise funds for future projects.  This year, our silent auction funds are going toward an efficient pellet stove, to heat the rennovated garage-studio and make it a usable community space year-round!  Thanks to all who donated!

Wild Mercy Readers Series: Happens runs from February through March on Wednesdays starting at 7:00 in the back studio space. This week’s readers include Emerald LaFortune and David Oats.


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