Are you interested in interning with the UM FLAT?

You are in luck! We are currently seeking student interns for Spring 2015 and are accepting applications until November 2014. Please read the internship description below and fill out the form if you are interested in applying for this opportunity!

The UM FLAT (Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology) is an educational residence for UM students to demonstrate sustainable living practices. We provide opportunities to experiment, gather information by learning from each other, connect the university and greater Missoula communities, and evaluate daily choices in a mindful way. Our projects are driven by UM students–graduate and undergraduate, residents, interns, classes–and facilitated by a community of businesses, organizations, contractors, and donors. Together we are making efficient and mindful living more approachable. We are seeking several interns for the spring semester to work with residents on interdisciplinary projects. These projects in the past have included creating passive solar curtains, designing and planting a native plant garden, constructing a greenhouse, writing grants for pellet stoves, networking/advertising with student groups etc. The interns will work with residents to pick a stimulating, appropriate project to be worked on either individually or collectively.

We encourage students from all departments to apply as previous experience with sustainable living is not required.
Motivated, responsible individuals interested in working collaboratively to develop creative solutions to living sustainably.
Ability to work in a variety of setting as FLAT projects will require working as a team in addition to completing tasks unsupervised.

If you are interested in taking this internship for credit, the number of credits dictate the number of hours required weekly:
1 credit = 50 hours or 3 hours/week
2 credits = 100 hours or 6 hours/week
3 credits = 150 hours or 9 hours/week

If you have additional questions, concerns or want to email in a resume/cover letter, please contact us at


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