Waste management especially food waste are integral to living sustainably.  Compost allows us to utilize an otherwise wasted items to fertilize and feed ourselves using resources already on property.  In 2013 former director Heather Griffith developed a composting method and constructed a classic three bin composting structure from recycled pallets, wire mesh, and straw for insulation.  Piles were layered with rabbit manure, straw, and food scraps.  The three bin compost system allows us to accommodate food waste and garden scraps from six people while decomposing multiple piles.  In the fall of 2014 residents elected to construct a new composting structure as the wooden model began to lose structural integrity.  Modeling our structure after the one behind the University center we designed a more permanent model using cinder blocks reinforced with re-bar.  For the year of 2015 residents plan to weight and measure our food waste in an effort to create awareness of food waste.


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