Meet a FLATmate: Curiosity and Inspiration


I am interested in ethnography, social justice, political ecology. I read a lot of critical theory. I miss the desert. I love walking long distances to hot springs or swimming holes. I like thinking about astrology and the moon. I enjoy sharing meals and hangin’ out by a fire…


During the few years following my undergraduate degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Spanish at the University of Cincinnati, I attempted to satisfy various curiosities, mostly revolving around food, people, and the West. I learned farming basics while living and working at Green Edge Gardens, a family-owned organic vegetable, microgreen and mushroom farm in the rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio. Seeking desert, mountains, and alpine lakes, I moved to Reno, Nevada to be the Development Coordinator at Urban Roots, a non-profit urban teaching farm. While there, I gained experience in community-building and teaching, and was constantly amazed by the beauty of the desert. I then lived in North San Juan, a tiny gold rush town in the California Sierra, where I learned about fruit trees and homesteading from Amigo Bob Cantisano. Time spent off-farm was dedicated to swimming in the Yuba River or tasting fruit and searching for old trees throughout the Sierra with the Felix Gillet Institute.
After some travel in Europe and Morocco, I came to Missoula for the Environmental Studies graduate program. During my time at the FLAT, I intend to stay curious and inspired by the community and surrounding ecology, eat a lot of good food, and grow a lot of plants while living everyday life thoughtfully and intentionally.


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