What We are Thankful For

Than14940093_1256388757717698_5695650919736123575_oksgiving is my favorite holiday. If you forget the weird historical connotations, at its heart Thanksgiving celebrates the harvest, family, friends, good food, and gratitude. Here is Barbara Kingsolver on what makes this holiday special:

“Of all the holidays we celebrate in the United States, few come with food traditions that are really our own… But Turkey Day belongs to my people. Turkeys have walked wild on this continent since the last ice age, whereas Old Europe was quite turkeyless… To this tasty native assembly add a cohort of female relatives sharing work and gossip in the kitchen, kids flopped on the living room floor watching behemoth cartoon character float down a New York thoroughfare on TV, and men out in the yard pretending they still have the upper body strength for lateral passes, and that is a perfect American day. If we need a better excuse to focus a whole day on preparing one meal, eating it, then groaning about it with smiles on our faces, just add a dash of humility and hallelujah. Praise the harvest. We made it through one more turn of the seasons.”*

So in the spirit of the day, here are some things we have to be thankful for around the FLAT:

  1. Our sweet chickens are warm and cosy at their winter retreat (at the PEAS farm).
  2. Our garden, which was super productive this year, is cosily tucked beneath layers of leaves. It’s quite beautiful, in a warm Novembral sort of way.
  3. Our compost is cooking! 130 degrees for at least a week now, despite the cold snap. We know that those little microbes are feasting as much as we are.
  4. Our chard is still vibrantly green and deliciously tender, growing away in our little greenhouse.
  5. The heating in both houses was fixed just before it got really cold; we’re nice and cosy now.
  6. We had a fantastic Harvest Party a few weeks ago–people of all ages came to celebrate the end of another fantastic growing season. It was so lovely to have people milling about in the warm, golden sunshine, a plethora of pie and soup to be had, hot cider all around, and great live music to tie it all together. Those are the moments when you really appreciate the community that the FLAT creates.

So here’s to the most American of holidays! May you be thankful, well fed, and surrounded by people you love. What more could you ask for?


*From Animal Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. New York: Harper Perennial. 2007.


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