UM FLAT Spring Internship Application 2017

Internship Description

The UM FLAT is offering internship opportunities for the Spring Semester, 2017.

The interns will work with one of the current residents to focus on a specific project. Projects will fall into one of four categories: sustainable agriculture, construction with reclaimed materials, educational outreach, or environmental education. These projects may fulfill internship requirements for the EVST major as well as help you develop skills and establish valuable connections.  The internship is especially helpful for students interested in becoming a FLAT resident.

Interested students must contact the UM FLAT at by Monday October 17th, 2016.  Students should indicate which area of focus they are interested in and address the following questions in a letter of interest. Students should also indicate their time commitment by choosing 1, 2 or 3 credits, taking note that internships require 50 hours of work/credit or 3hrs/week for each additional credit hour.

  1. Why are you interested in the FLAT internship?
  2. How are you a good match for this position and what could you contribute to the FLAT?
  3. What relevant experience do you have that will help you achieve the goals of the internship.

If more than one student applies for each position, students will be chosen based on their answers to the above questions.

We will notify interns of their acceptance by October 19th, to ensure students can register for Spring Semester by October 21st. If you are applying please register for the ENST 393 course.

The UM FLAT (Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology) is a living and learning residence for UM students to demonstrate sustainable ways of living. We draw on both the latest technologies such as solar panels as well as more traditional technologies, like our cob oven to achieve those ends.  We provide opportunities to experiment, to gather and learn from one another, to bridge the university and Missoula communities, and to evaluate daily choices in a mindful way.  Our projects are driven by UM students–graduate and undergraduate, residents, interns, whole classes–and facilitated by a community of businesses, organizations, contractors, and donors.  Together we are making efficient and mindful living more approachable.




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