Meet a FLATmate: Made in Montana

img_2030I’m a born and raised Missoulian with the Chaco Tan and Semi-Broken down Subaru to prove it.
At UM I study both geology and astronomy (earth + space) because 1. I LOVE mountains and 2. The voice of Carl Sagan told me so.
I’m an avid traveler. After high school I sold my car and bought a plane ticket to Peru. Since then I’ve been hooked on travel. After Peru I made my way to Ecuador. I spent my Junior year in Iceland watching the aurora from hot springs, accidentally falling asleep on glaciers and cooking hot dogs on active volcanoes.  After my study abroad I continued to travel, exploring North Africa and central america. Patagonia is next on the wish list.
To be able to travel each winter, I work summers. So far, I’ve spent the summers: Mapping one of Saturns moons, launching balloons, wearing a flat hat in Glacier and Mt. Rainier National Parks, racing solar cars and studying the Greenland ice sheet using space lasers.
Living at the FLAT allows we to put my tinkering to good use. Whether it’s fixing old projects or designing new ones, the FLAT is a space where I can not just talk about sustainability, but live it.
-Raphael Hagen

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