Meet a FLATmate: Called to the Wild


img_4531-1STEPHANIE – I grew up in small town North Carolina, surrounded by kin-folk, collard greens, steep granite slopes, soil-rich bluffs, and rolling cattle pasture. Western Carolina pales in ‘wild’ comparison to the Rocky Mountain West, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are majestic and mysterious in ways all their own. When I stumbled across Montana, specifically Missoula, I discovered an irresistible sense of place and communal core. I can’t help but wonder who wouldn’t make a leap towards moving towards such a BIG sky! My academic focus points towards teaching elementary school science and math. Exploring curiosity, mindfulness, creativity, and connectivity to a cleaner more protected natural world compels me to cultivate knowledge – for young and old alike. Now, with seven years of teaching under my belt, I’m psyched to have begun graduate studies and a leadership role for our residents and programming that goes on here. I invite all curious minds to visit the FLAT and join a lively posse of mates looking to perpetuate all positivity the place has to offer. Our chickens are bomb, we have a groovy public straw-bale studio space to share, and our garden is second to none. If you don’t find me here I’ll either be in class…exploring a river, reaching for lofty ridgelines, making signature snow angels, or pedaling a glorious Missoula line!


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