A place to learn, a place to engage

Tis the season for the UM FLAT’s spring semester workshop series and Wild Mercy – an environmental reading series co-sponsored by the Environmental Studies (EVST) Program at the University of Montana, Camas Magazine: The Nature of the West, and the UM FLAT. In case you haven’t already, come to one of these events to learn from and engage in a supportive and insightful community.

Spring Semester Workshop Series 

If you walk into the Studio on a Tuesday night between 6 and 7 pm,  you are likely to find twenty students and community members arm-deep in shredded cabbage, taking notes on hide tanning, or busy adjusting bicycle brakes. The workshop series offers everything from learning about essential oils to growing your own mushrooms. Each workshop provides a hands-on approach to learning new skills and living more sustainably. Plus, they are a lot of fun and an easy way to meet new people. Check out the poster below to find out about upcoming events.

If you are interested in a particular topic or want to lead a workshop next year, let us know! We want to create a series that is relevant and engaging for our participants while fostering collaboration with organizations and entrepreneurs in Missoula.

Wild Mercy

On a Thursday evening between 7 and 8 pm, the Studio is filled with the smell of baked goods and tea while selected readers provide humor, insight and beauty to a diverse audience. The series began in 2003 and has hosted nationally acclaimed writers and student voices to share their stories and poems in Missoula’s burgeoning literary scene. This event is free and open to the public. See the poster below to find out who is reading next!





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