Meet a FLATmate: Coming to Port in a Glacial Lakebed


Wispy me at grand canyonAfter high school, I spent two years sniffing the emissions from the Schwann factory outside my college town of Marshall, MN. Being a blue dot in a red sea, I left to seek new perspectives and moved in with a mad scientist in Evanston. There, I took a break from studying philosophy and readied myself for the transfer to the University of Montana. In the mean-time I fundraised for the Southern Poverty Law Center, listened to jazz, inadvertently built-up a fascination with climate change, and sought an outlet for a my increasing unrest.

My arrival in Missoula filled my sail with winds of change greater than I. My ship was my schooling in philosophy and environmental studies, but my newfound passion for organizing has been the sail guiding me forward. Immersing myself in Missoula’s vibrant, beautiful community culminated in joining the UM FLAT this year. Here at the FLAT I am able to work with my illustrious FLATmates and the community to manifest our vision of urban sustainability. With the right amount of FLAT-jank, I hope to build on the history of this amazing place and turn it into a model useable by all.


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