Meet a FLATmate: Cats, Coffee, and Corvids


I appreciate cats, coffee and corvids and I try to walkIMG_1938 the fence between tame and domestic. Now in my third year at UM, I’ve been attracted to the FLAT since my arrival. After five glorious years of vehicle living I come to the FLAT excited to be part of the community it fosters. While my academic concentration is the Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism graduate program, my areas of competency include farming, construction projects relying on re-used and re-purposed materials, and crockpots. Areas of expertise include all things jars, craigslist free site, peanut butter, jelly and roadkill. Living with appropriate technology is an idea I’ve wrestled with for the better part of a decade and the FLAT provides a forum to investigate the balance further. The future includes heading into the rising sun because the Appalachians own my soul. But right now there’s no place I’d rather be than Missoula – swimming in the Clark Fork and gazing awestruck at snow-capped peaks. I view living at the FLAT as an opportunity to “live deep and suck all the marrow out of life.”


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