Meet a FLATmate: Forging a New Path


1959412_684930411554132_8926909199913474855_nBorn in Missoula, raised in the Wild – some may say that I am all-around just a little bit different. If I am not tending to the chickens or wandering aimlessly through the garden, you may find me planning my next adventure. I believe travel is key to gain new perspectives, and it allows us to return to the people and places we love with a renewed sense of passion and pride. Having grown up in the Crown of the Continent I care deeply about place-based and experiential education. Currently, I am working toward my Bachelors in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Early Childhood Education and Nonprofit Administration.

By living at the FLAT, I can actively participate in many of my aspirations. I believe that the FLAT is an amazing resource, not only for University students and staff, but also for the entire Missoula community. If you have any ideas for future events, talk with me! My greatest hope for the FLAT is the addition of a milking/pack goat, because who doesn’t need a goat to help you get through life?


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  1. Faye says:

    You are an amazingly wonderful, beautiful soul. So happy our paths have joined is together not just as family, but as best if friends!! I love you!

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