A Love of Food


UM Website PicGrowing up in the suburbs of Chicago, the wilderness encompassed forests preserves, patches of prairie, and the occasional excursion to Wisconsin.  However the city introduced me to a large diversity of food ranging from the creations of culinary artists to the often glutinous joys of street food.  After finishing my degree in Psychology I followed my love on food through a series of serendipitous events that would lead me to climbing fig trees, engorging on boysenberries, and inhaling the sweet aromas of basil surrounded by the Six Rivers National Forest of Northern California. I haven’t looked back.

My Love of food has taken me to small-scale organic farms across the country, back home to design educational demonstration gardens, and finally to graduate school.  If I’m not digging in the dirt you’ll probably find my in the kitchen baking, strolling in the mountains, biking about town, or shredding ice on frozen ponds playing hockey.  I’m studying food and farming focusing on young farmer education and development.  One of the most powerful tools we have in developing a new agricultural system is our ability to create supportive communities to share our knowledge and resources.  The FLAT provides a positive environment to do just that in implementing meaningful projects while learning from people’s different perspectives.  But really, I’m just here for the food!


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