Something in the air


IMG_0061As students once again fill the arteries of the University of Montana, a sense of excitement and a tinge of trepidation permeate the air. The emotional current seeps into the institutional brick and settles on waxed floors. It flows into our lungs, blood and tissues, pulling us forward into the fall semester. But there is something else in the air, as well.

The accumulation of smoke and ash covering the campus and Missoula community is a stark reminder that we are facing increasingly more frequent natural disasters and environmental degradation. Even deniers of climate change cannot ignore the coating of ash on their cars, nor the danger warnings of remaining outdoors for too long.

Is this the future of our world? Is this really what we want in exchange for high-consumption lifestyles?

As the six of us at the UM FLAT begin to plan workshops, projects and events to promote sustainable living, we hope to connect passionate and creative people. We hope to demonstrate that living responsibly can be fun, meaningful and stimulating. We hope for a better future that starts now, and it includes you.

Follow our blog and Facebook page to keep up-to-date and learn how you can get involved. Feel free to e-mail us ( with any questions or to reserve the Studio to host meetings for your organization or student group.

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