We’re So Excited for Spring We Wet our Plants!

March 20th was the spring equinox, and even though it’s snowing today spring is certainly starting to make itself at home here at the UM FLAT. This past weekend the FLAT folks got together with some of our Spring 2015 interns and a couple of volunteers from the Missoula guerrilla gardening group, 1000 New Gardens, to keep some of our projects moving along with the season.

Resident and intern prepare compost for the hot box.
Resident and intern prepare compost for the hot box.

The focus of our first spring workday was to get some of our projects in good positions for some exciting projects that will culminate in April. David Lau, our resident garden/composting magic-man, worked with interns and FLATmates to prepare and construct two piles of compost in our brand new cinder block compost bins. While they worked away on putting together what will become the future soil of the FLAT garden, other FLATmates began deconstructing the old compost bins. “This process is just like composting” suggested mountain-poet-activist Nick Triolo. “We’re deconstructing, so we can build again. What a cycle. Perfect!”

Future FLAT soil in the making.
Future FLAT soil in the making.

Over the weekend, participants completed what seems to be another seasonal cycle. Though new projects are really excited for volunteers and FLAT residents, existing projects require upkeep too. Maintaining older projects is another really important element about living at a demonstration house that exhibits frequent changes in residents. Each year the chicken coop and run undergoes some wear and tear due to winter weather. The warm weekend offered a great opportunity to give the beaten down soil in the chicken run some maintenance while also repairing some damaged chicken wire and structural supports.   It’s starting to look really nice in the backyard, and we’re hoping folks come and check it out for our last Wild Mercy reading this Thursday at 7:00pm in the FLAT studio. Keep tuned in for our UM FLAT Workshop Series in April too, which will feature a few fun food-based demonstrations from folks with some impressive hands on knowledge.

New signs explaining resident projects.
New signs explain resident projects.

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