So…what exactly do you guys do?

Recently at one of our sleepy-eyed Tuesday morning meetings, the FLAT crew was interviewed for a KBGA story on student housing by graduate student Nicky Ouelett. The story coveres the topic of themed housing and portrays what it is like living in one these more goal-oriented group living situations.


Living at the FLAT, we often get the question “So…what exactly do you guys do?” It’s difficult to give a synopsis of everything that goes on though in a quick 30 second elevator speech. From the alternating monthly role duties of Chickens, Studio, Garden, Yard, and Web to the more demonstrative projects and community events, there is a lot going on all the time.

If you’re inspired by what you hear, look for the application to live at the FLAT in February. We’ll also be tabling in the UC early spring semester so come say hi and ask us any remaining questions you may have about what exactly we do at the FLAT.

(NOTE: you may have to be logged into gmail to listen to or download this linked version of the interview.)


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