UM COOP Unveils Williams Tribute

MISSOULA – After an uneventful summer, COOP director Boss Frida K. announced this past week the unveiling of the COOP’s own tribute to the COOP’s favorite avian actor, Robin Williams. “We were floored when we heard the news, I just can’t believe this happened,” confided Frida. “Amelia E. has been roosting nonstop since she heard, and the others have been running around like, well, you know what.”
Ever since last year’s sensation around the COOP’s use of forced human labor, the Hens have become known their for unconventional displays of emotion. This week’s move by COOP public outreach coordinator, Jeanette R., is no exception.

“Our favorite film has always been Mrs. Doubtfire; we’ve always been proud of the scene where Williams liberates the animals from the petting zoo,” explained Jeanette. “Then this just sort of fell in our nests.”
Cleopatra, one of the six original hens, is actually more of a Mark Antony. “We thought she was just quiet, and that the large comb on her head was just a sign of good circulation,” explained Frida. “But it turns out that she is actually a he.”
Rather than ruffle their feathers, however, the news came as cause for celebration. The five remaining residents of the COOP pitched in to send Mark Antony, who has been nick-named Mrs. Doubtfire, to a farm upstate where he can have a better life free of city rooster regulations and enforcement, “except that it really is a farm upstate,” explained Amelia, “not the farm upstate where your pet dog ended up.”
The COOP has not yet announced plans to replace Cleopatra, but there have been rumors of acquiring one Audrey H.

*CORRECTION: In the August 17 post titled “COOP Unveils Williams Tribute” it was noted that Cleopatra has been dubbed either Mark Antony or Mrs. Doubtfire; in addition Cleopatra’s new owner has renamed him Ford, to be a companion to two other displaced roosters Chevy and Dodge.


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