Cheep cheep! (A chicken update.)


This past Sunday, some of the FLATmates drove out to Clark Fork Organics, where our new chicks are being raised. It’s pretty normal for chicks to suddenly die in the first few weeks, but all ten of ours are still alive and well!




Well, all except for one. Apparently she’s got some digestive issues…baby chick diarrhea, while it sounds like it might be cute, is still pretty gross. (Poopy chicken not pictured here.) Don’t worry, there’s a good chance that her condition will improve.




We were excited to learn that we should be able to move the chicks to their home at the FLAT in a few weeks…just in time for our Earth Day BBQ on April 25th! (Stay tuned, more details to come!) They won’t lay eggs until later in the summer or early fall, but it will be good for them to get used to being held by us.




After checking out the chicks, Josh Slotnick (on the right) gave us a tour of the farm. His wife Kim, who runs the farm, planted onions last season in the field next to us in this photo.




In addition to keeping the farm dog amused, we helped Josh wrangle a couple dozen of the grown chickens from a holding pen into their spring coop and run. We wish there were photos to document that event. Let’s just say there were feathers everywhere, and lots of squawking – but the chickens were happy once they started pecking around their new home.

(Photo credit: Nick Triolo)


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