We’re back!

ImageYes, ladies and gents, despite the climate’s admirable efforts to prematurely return us to the nutrient cycle, your favorite FLAT mates (and Peter) have successfully returned to live at their appropriately technological forum.  We missed you, too!  And we are uncharacteristically excited to get going on the events and projects we have planned for this semester.

Here are some of the highlights that you and your loved ones can look forward to:

– EARTH DAY is happening at the FLAT on April 25th (tentatively)!  Presumably it is happening elsewhere on Earth as well, but this is the one you should care about because it’s going to be fantastic.

– WILD MERCY begins next week on February 6th and runs at 7:00 pm every Thursday until spring break, so come listen to some stories and poems, maybe bring your own, and relax with a cup of tea.

– The FLAT WORSKSHOP SERIES picks up where Wild Mercy leaves off, offering WEEKLY workshops in the studio on anything and everything.  We’re pulling together the list of sessions as I write, so if you really want to make homemade toe jam remover or try your hand at underwater basket weaving, let us know.

– Mara will be running an INTERNSHIP program at the FLAT – if you didn’t apply, you can try next year!  Interns will be learning about and working on all sorts of interesting things at the FLAT and around Missoula.

– The CHICKENS are getting a complete makeover.  Our two chickens (Chairman Mao and Black Magic Woman, as they are affectionately known by at least two people) will be moving on to bigger and better things so that we can redesign the coup and run to accommodate six new chickens and adapt to issues we’ve discovered over the past year.

– OTHER PROJECTS on the table include making a solar hot water heater from local materials, installing a vermiculture bed under the new greenhouse, revamping the back yard with a native species garden, monitoring FLAT utility usage to evaluate the effectiveness of efficiency projects, and much more!

– And coming to a blog near you, the new hit series “What’s Kate Putting In Her Mouth Now?”  Stay tuned for the latest on Kate’s adventures in homemade everything!

Anyone is encouraged to get involved in any of these projects or to just come hang out.  We’re here for you, and we have tea!  Until then you can keep up with what we’re doing by checking the posts and projects tabs on our site at https://umflat.wordpress.com/ or in the usual way.

FLATly yours,



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