Former Green Onion Editor Awarded First “Pulletzer Prize” for Excellence in Journalism

MISSOULA –   M.C. Donough, recently retired founding editor of the UM FLAT’s Green Onion, was flattered to receive the surprise award during a community cob oven pizza party Sunday afternoon. The first of its kind, the Pulletzer is awarded to communications professionals who further the cause of chickens, fermentation, and solar panels everywhere. “I thought I was just doing my job. What is a pullet, exactly?” was Donough’s modest reaction.

His new career, acting, is off to a slow and steady start: Donough was spotted Sunday morning playing the part of general handyman, moving straw bales and cleaning gutters to prepare for the pizza-oriented gathering later. Said Nick Triolo, the FLAT’s fleet-footed cousin of Hermes – “He really got into the role. I thought he was someone from Facilities Services for about an hour. I think there’s a real future for him in character acting.” Donough was seen later impersonating a socialite, as he mixed and mingled with the students and community members who came to enjoy fresh slices of artisan pizza cooked in the FLAT’s cob oven by local pizza magician Kendall Rogers.

The event was the FLAT’s Second Annual Pizzapalooza; coincidentally, the event’s name was a suggestion from Donough’s longtime agent, Len Broberg of EVST. Broberg worked closely with the FLAT last year, but recently abandoned his responsibilities and has been impossible to find. Sources claim to have seen him about town, even in his old haunt in the Rankin building on campus, but it could have been just another man in a ball cap and moustache. “I could have sworn it was Len,” commented Donough, of a mustachioed man he ate pizza with at the event, “but even after a half hour of small talk about energy efficiency work in East Asia, I couldn’t be sure.”

Triolo and Donough collaborated with the other four FLATmates, Rogers, and local crooners Ten Skip Stone to pull off a fairly frigid and fantastic fundraiser. Each pizza had its own character, whether from custom-ordered toppings or the toasty crunch of the embers’ kiss. Slices were washed down with pear and apple cider pressed at last weekend’s celebration of Donough’s career, and friends of the FLAT donated goodies that comprised a delectable bakesale. “I was so cold and hungry waiting for my pizza that I spent twice as much money as I planned to on hot cider and desserts!” commented one attendee as she gnawed on a slice with just a little char to it.

The event was a rousing success, raising $390 for the FLAT to use on various projects, including building a Chicken McMansion, procuring the power tools to make said mansion possible, installing a hamster-tube-like graywater system between all three buildings to recycle sink water and old coffee, and paying for Boss Griffith’s stress-relief massages. Evening fell as the event drew to a close, and chilled but happy FLATmates stood around a cooling cob oven, scarfing down the last few slices of delicious pizza.

Photo montage soon to follow.


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