Celebrations Persist as Green Onion Editor Steps Down

Donough performs ceremonial “Bossing” as Griffith accepts editorial duties Saturday

MISSOULA – The University district was abuzz last Saturday as residents celebrated the upcoming retirement of M.C. Donough, close relative of ex-poet P.J. Donough and current Editor-in-Chief of the Green Onion.  Staff were so relieved at the announcement, reports intern and resident Backhouse Bumpkin Mara O’Mara, that the entire FLAT and dozens of supporters took the day off to mix autumnal drinks and play folk music.  According to one party-goer, the impromptu get-together at one point involved “carving pumpkins to look like Donough and then setting them on fire.”

Green Onion staff honor Donough’s distinguished career with graphic tribute

“It’s always flattering when people make such an effort for you” said Donough in a private interview following the event. “I especially appreciated the fresh cider, and I thought it was very creative how the staff displayed one of my pumpkin effigies in the cider press.”  Late Saturday night a four-piece band reportedly broke into “Ashokan Farewell” followed by “Hit the Road, Jack.”  “It was just so thoughtful,” recalled Donough.

The position of Editor-in-Chief, held by Donough since the periodical’s humble beginning back in October of 2013, will be filled by Boss Griffith, a long-time contributing reporter and haiku expert.  “We’re just ready to move in a new direction,” commented Griffith during the official announcement Sunday Morning.  “We’re going through a lot of changes right now, and we need someone who will focus on the big stories and bring in more readers.”  Critics of the Green Onion, who have long believed that the paper needed a “woman’s touch,” have referred to the decision as a “long time coming.”

Donough gave personal reasons for stepping down.  “I’ve always wanted to try acting and, frankly, I was tired of writing about beans.”  Griffith promises that the paper will avoid excessive bean references in the future.

Festivities, after an entire day of cider pressing, pumpkin seed roasting, carving, and music, ceased for the Halloween holiday this past week.  Staff report that they will begin again with a two-day celebration this Saturday and Sunday.  “You’d think they were almost happy to see me go,” says Donough.

Griffith reports that staff are in “high spirits” and ready to get back to work Saturday.  Music begins at 7:00 pm.


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