15 Minutes to White Teeth and A Smaller Footprint

This past week two FLATmates embarked on an investigation of how to make homemade toothpaste in order to find out whether it is economically and ecologically advantageous, but what we really discovered was what an easy process this is.  The average American


uses three 9oz. tubes of toothpaste per year at an average cost of $3 per tube.  Although in the individual sense this may not sound like much, multiply those three tubes peryear by the 300,000,000+ humans living in the US right now and it is easier to understand why this is one of the “small steps” we can all take to reduce our ecological footprint and better understand where our products come from.  To make our toothpaste we followed a simple recipe:  2 Parts Baking Soda, 1 Part Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 Part Arrow Root, and water &All of the ingredients in the FLAT kitchen xyletol/mint extract to desired texture & taste, respectively.  Once you’ve decided how much to make and purchased the ingredients(probably the most difficult part of this project)–notably for much cheaper than pre-prepared toothpaste you’re pretty much good to go.

toofpaste4Toss it all in together, give it a good whippin’ and watch the cool science happen.  Ours was initially a little on the dry side, so we added a little more hydrogen peroxide and water and it shaped up in no time.  And then, in literally 15 minutes (if that) you’ve made a product you’ve been buying for your entire life (hopefully).  We’ve also found in our first week of use, it works way better!



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