The Sun Wins (again)…Here’s Why

We recently tried using two dehydrating methods.

The first method utilized an old clothes dresser and computer fans to create drying racks and a method of pulling air through the racks in order to dry fruit. The advantage to this system is the ability to dry things faster, and to continue the drying process at night by powering the fans with a battery that had been charged during the day.
The second method consisted of wooden frames and screen mesh. These simple frames were left out in the sun to dry. The advantage to this system is the ability to have larger frames (the size is not confined to the size of a dresser drawer) and there is little to no maintenance involved.
So…the sun wins because the simple frame method has longevity and is replicable. The frames can be maintained easily, they can be left out without requiring regular care (the battery for the alternative design needed to be charged and hooked up to the fans regularly) and the simple frames do not include wiring systems which some folks may be uncomfortable working with. So to sum up: When in doubt, rely on simplicity, low maintenance effort, and the sun.


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