Bringing sustainability to a wider audience

Over the next few weeks, the UM FLAT will be partnering with some local and regional organizations to share our projects with the local community.

Saturday, June 9th from 12-5pm, the UM FLAT will be one of the residences featured on HomeWord’s Affordable Sustainability Home Tour.   We’re excited to be working with an organization whose mission is to provide “safe, healthy affordable housing using sustainable methods and promoting strong communities through housing counseling and education for those most in need.” Cost to check out the city-wide tour?  $10.

Friday, June 15th from 10am-4pm, we’ll be hosting AERO’s Energy Solutions Workshop.  Highlights include a house tour, Renewables 101, tips for financing energy-savings projects, build your own solar cell phone charger workshop, an energy audit demo, a course on passive solar principles, ideas for how to get involved in Missoula’s energy-savings planning efforts, opportunities for networking, and a BBQ!  Cost? $20.


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