Speaking of energy consumption, the UM FLAT would also like to introduce our readers to the PlotWatt website. This website tracks energy consumption at the UM FLAT (and every house that has an account). With this monitoring we hope to see where we can cut energy use and also monitor the efficiency of our appliances….

AERO and the UM FLAT

6/25/2012 The FLAT recently had the opportunity to host the Alternative Energy Resources Organization’s (AERO) Energy Solutions Workshop. The success of this workshop was ensured by hands-on demonstrations, expert energy advice, and plenty of socializing and networking among workshop participants. The goal of this workshop was to demonstrate how homeowners, businesses, and local governments can…

6/10/2012 This cello group will be playing in the FLAT Studio on Sunday, June 10th starting at 7:30pm. Please join us for another musical session at the FLAT brought to you all the way from Virginia!

Bringing sustainability to a wider audience

Over the next few weeks, the UM FLAT will be partnering with some local and regional organizations to share our projects with the local community. Saturday, June 9th from 12-5pm, the UM FLAT will be one of the residences featured on¬†HomeWord’s Affordable Sustainability Home Tour. ¬† We’re excited to be working with an organization whose…